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Dog Matters Academy

Get started learning about your dog's behaviour with the FREE Academy and how to understand each other better so that your dog actually listens!

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Frantic To Focused

If your dog is overly distracted, difficult to walk or barks and lunges at other dogs - and you'd rather a more enjoyable time together, Frantic To Focused is the program for you. 

When a dog barks and lunges towards other dogs (or anything else) we refer to it as reactive. Reactivity is over-arousal causing an undesired reaction ranging from hard pulling to an all out screaming fit. 

  • No matter where your dog falls on that spectrum
  • If you're a trainer who wants to help clients with reactive dogs -  we use and teach balanced training methods
  • If you work in rescue and want to help more dogs find homes through training
  • If you'd just like a more focused dog and a stronger bond...

    this program can help you and your dog!

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Reactive Dog Video Series

Does your dog pull madly or bark and lunge towards other dogs on a walk? You're not alone. It's referred to as reactivity and it's one of our specialties here at Dog Matters. View the video workshop now, totally free. Just click Sign Up to get started now. 

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Virtual Dog School

Do you just want your dog to be well mannered and obedient so that including them as part of the family is easier and more fun?

In Virtual Dog School, you will learn:

- How dogs learn - so that when you're teaching them, you can actually understand each other better 

- Important life skills - the manners training that goes beyond the traditional sit and stay. So that you have skills you and your dog can use that you actually need in day to day life

- Obedience skills - so that when you give a command to your dog, they do it the first time, happily!

- A better relationship with your dog. And why wouldn't you want that, ?

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Puppy Priorities

Do you have a new puppy, or are you about to get one? Has it been a while or maybe it’s your first time and you’re feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed? Puppy Priorities is the course for you.

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Training Matters eBook

Get the eBook that takes the confusion out of dog training and puts facts into an easy to understand language for you, so that you can speak the language of your dog.

Are you looking for an explanation of dog training that helps you to understand how your dog thinks and learns? Looking for information online can be so confusing as there is so much conflicting advice. In Training Matters, we explain not just the how of dog training, but the why, so that you know what to do and why to do it this way.

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Why Does My Dog eBook

WHY does my dog do that?! And what can I do about it?

Answering these two questions is my job, . This ebook is a collection of articles on why our dogs do the things they do, and what we can do to get them to do more of the things we like, and less of the things we don't.

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Dog Matters Pro Masterclass

Are you ready to grow your dog training business to the level you deserve, ?

The Dog Matters Pro Masterclass has been created for dog trainers who want to run a successful business to support their lifestyle, more than just a hobby. 

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