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Dog Matters Academy - Free Treats!

Get started learning about your dog's behaviour with the FREE Academy videos and how to understand each other better so that your dog actually listens!

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Dog Matters Academy Premium

How would you like your dog to make the best choices for good behaviour automatically?

We could always grab a dog and physically manipulate him into a sit every time - but isn't it more fun for both of you when he comes up to you, sits and looks up eagerly?

The sit position is a classic example but how good would it be if every good dog behaviour was made by choice because your dog knew it was a good choice to make?

And if your dog chose you over all else, no matter what?

Many people want a better recall, a loose lead walk, and quick obedience under distraction - such as around other dogs. 

The foundation to all of this is learning how to understand your dog's motivations and how dogs communicate so that you can apply it to all aspects of your precious time together. 

A relationship is enriched so much more when the two parties understand each other. 

Everyone wants to feel understood! 

Find out just what your dog can really do by going through the easy to follow lessons in the Dog Matters Academy Premium. 

Keep access as long as you need and cancel any time - plus be part of our dog loving community. 

Click the button to find out more and sign up. You'll love what's included and your dog will love what you learn! 

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Reactive Dog Video Series

Does your dog pull madly or bark and lunge towards other dogs on a walk? You're not alone. It's referred to as reactivity and it's one of our specialties here at Dog Matters. View the video workshop now, totally free. Just click Sign Up to get started now. 

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Training Matters eBook

Get the eBook that takes the confusion out of dog training and puts facts into an easy to understand language for you, so that you can speak the language of your dog.

Are you looking for an explanation of dog training that helps you to understand how your dog thinks and learns? Looking for information online can be so confusing as there is so much conflicting advice. In Training Matters, we explain not just the how of dog training, but the why, so that you know what to do and why to do it this way.

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Why Does My Dog eBook

WHY does my dog do that?! And what can I do about it?

Answering these two questions is my job, . This ebook is a collection of articles on why our dogs do the things they do, and what we can do to get them to do more of the things we like, and less of the things we don't.

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Grow Your Dog Training Profits With Clients You Love

Are you a dog trainer in business? Then this is for you.

Sign up for this on demand video training where I teach:

  • HOW YOU CAN INFLUENCE THE TYPE OF CLIENTS YOU GET: If you want clients that you hit it off with, who listen and do their homework - there are steps you can take to increase this kind of client
  • FIGURING OUT WHAT (AND HOW) TO CHARGE: A lot of trainers aren't sure what they should or could be charging or how to structure pricing - the best way may not be what you think
  • THE BOOKING SYSTEM THAT PRE-QUALIFIES CLIENTS: The WAY you take bookings can influence your client's compliance. Learn my strategy to get paid up front and have your client's prove their dedication from the get go
  • Bonus for viewers at the end of the presentation

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