Frantic To Focused


If your dog is overly distracted, difficult to walk or barks and lunges at other dogs - and you'd rather have a more enjoyable time together, Frantic To Focused is the program for you. 

When a dog barks and lunges towards other dogs (or anything else) we refer to it as reactive. Reactivity is over-arousal causing an undesired reaction ranging from hard pulling to an all out screaming fit. 

No matter where your dog falls on that spectrum, or if you'd just like a more focused dog and a stronger bond, this program can help you.

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What To Expect

2 Lessons

Save yourself the trouble and take advantage of this easy, highy effective program and this special offer. Join our other clients who are already enjoying their happier, more focused dogs. You’re the next in line!

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Setting Up For Success

5 Lessons

Of course when you set out to achieve a goal, you want to get it right. It doesn't always go smoothly, but here's some important tips and tools to help you and your dog succeed.

Setting Up To Train

8 Lessons

Get ready to start training with the right equipment, the right foundations and an important understanding...

Let's Get Engaged!

7 Lessons

This module is all about creating focus and engagement with your dog. You’re going to be working on this directly by teaching your dog automatic focus and that you hold a high value while distractions do not pay off.

Essential Commands

9 Lessons

In this module, you’ll be teaching your dog essential obedience commands and skills that will be important for success out on the walk.

Working Around The Trigger

10 Lessons

It’s time to take your skills on the road and start practicing in new environments and around your dog’s trigger – at first from a distance, then gradually closer.

This is where you really need support so post any concerns or questions in the group or below the lessons.

Frantic To Focused Final Quiz

1 Lessons

BONUS: Clicks & Tricks

6 Lessons

Have you ever wanted to know how to teach your dog impressive tricks? It’s not just about showing off. Trick training builds your bond with your dog, makes communication between you easier, keeps them mentally tired at the end of a session (so you can relax) and makes them more obedient!

BONUS: Training Vault

5 Lessons

See more training examples with my clients and their dogs, plus revisit recordings of Facebook video trainings