Dog Matters Academy Premium Membership


How would you like your dog to make the best choices for good behaviour automatically?

We could always grab a dog and physically manipulate him into a sit every time - but isn't it more fun for both of you when he comes up to you, sits and looks up eagerly?

The sit position is a classic example but how good would it be if every good dog behaviour was made by choice because your dog knew it was a good choice to make?

And if your dog chose you over all else, no matter what?

Many people want a better recall, a loose lead walk, and quick obedience under distraction - such as around other dogs. 

The foundation to all of this is learning how to understand your dog's motivations and how dogs communicate so that you can apply it to all aspects of your precious time together. 

A relationship is enriched so much more when the two parties understand each other. 

Everyone wants to feel understood! 

Find out just what your dog can really do by going through the easy to follow lessons in the Dog Matters Academy Premium. 

Keep access as long as you need and cancel any time - plus be part of our dog loving community. 

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