Virtual Dog School


How would you like to own the most well mannered dog you know, ?

Or start right training your puppy up to be well adjusted smarter, more attentive and have a better relationship with you, all while having fun?

That's right here in Virtual Dog School. Train with Tenille. Train at home.


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6 Lessons

Important Life Skills

11 Lessons

Obedience Skills

8 Lessons

BONUS: Clicks & Tricks

6 Lessons

Have you ever wanted to know how to teach your dog impressive tricks? It’s not just about showing off. Trick training builds your bond with your dog, makes communication between you easier, keeps them mentally tired at the end of a session (so you can relax) and makes them more obedient!

BONUS: Training Vault

5 Lessons

See more training examples with my clients and their dogs, plus revisit recordings of Facebook video trainings